Five Step Ladder Carts

Our Objective: Design a ladder cart with a smaller footprint and multiple picks.

The Five Step Ladder Carts are ergonomic, lightweight aluminum ladder carts built for safety and productivity. This multi-tiered ladder cart was designed for a smaller footprint and multiple picks.

All New Age Industrial ladder carts feature shin saver extended handles with continuous grip handles for increased safety while ascending and descending the carts. Extra wide steps are securely welded and bolted into place. Your picking needs will go faster and more efficiently with a ladder cart that is built to last! Optional custom modifications are available to fit your specific needs.

  • Shown with five shelves for multiple pick operations
  • Extended push handle = shin saver!
  • Extended reach bar on top
  • Spring loaded, extra wide steps
  • Steps bolted and welded into place for increased safety
Five Step Ladder Carts